The Benefits of Wearable Technology are Apparent


We have seen the wave of popularity in internet usage move from desktops to mobile devices over the past few years. Now, the trend seems to be moving towards the next type of device- wearable technologies.

“Wearable technology”, also known as “wearable gadgets”, is a category of technology devices that can be worn by the user, and often include the ability to sync with mobile devices such as phones or tablets through wireless technologies such as Bluetooth or WiFi. These include such devices such as smart watches, and even bracelets.

Wearable technology is comprised of new innovations which are quickly changing the way we collect and analyze data. As technology moves forward, devices have the ability to not only do more than in the past, but also are capable of smaller and smaller sizes.

Data is involved in our technology more so than at any time in the past. Take, for instance, some of the wearable technology used in professional sports teams of the NFL. Football teams of the National Football League (NFL) use wearable technology embedded in their shoulder pads to collect and track huge amounts of data which has never been able to be collected before. This data includes information on the player’s position on the field, and their speed and distance traveled. With this data, evaluations can be made on each individual team member’s performance.

Data is involved in our technology more so than at any time in the past

Outside of sports, wearable technology has proven beneficial in the business world as well. This has allowed for increased efficiency and productivity. For instance, manufacturing plants are able to use this “wearable technology” to track items, tools and equipment throughout the plant which gives a real-time complete visibility of their entire tool set. Having these capabilities have solved many logistical and asset tracking issues. These manufacturing plants are also able to ensure the right tools and equipment are in the right place at the right time, which greatly increases operations, efficiency and productivity.

Looking Ahead

As technology becomes smaller and more affordable, wearable technology is working it’s way down to the consumer level, most popularly via devices such as a smart watch. This has opened up a whole new world for app developers, who are now able to create applications that interact with the user and collect data in ways never before seen.

With the passing of time, we will no doubt continue to see the rapid increase of use with wearable technology. And as it’s benefits become more and more apparent in a wide variety of fields, corporations will be looking at ways to use these tools to their advantage both for themselves, as well as for the consumer.

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